Register as Member

  • It will allow you to keep the searches carried out, in this way the program will send you an email every time that somebody enters a property that gathers the characteristics of your search.
  • Register as member, member, carry out the search and keep it.

Register as Agent

  • It will allow you to offer a property in rent or sale or to request the one that you need.
  • The data you enter about you or your company, will be those that the visitor will have from the page when he tries to contact you (except your email address that won't be visible). Use a sigle word user name.
  • Once registered, enter to your accout using your user name and password.
  • You can add images (e.g. your picture, company logo, company , etc. ), from Edit Profile.
  • Register as Agent and add your property

Add the Property

  • From your control panel, fill on the boxes that have information and leave the others blank.


  • From the previous step or from your control panel under Modifying my property, you will have de link to add them.
  • Verify that the images have, maximum size: 100 kb, maximun width: 700 px, and that the extension is jpg, gif or png (only one admited). The name of image should not contain spaces between words.
  • Press the link to Add or Modify, under the title Images, on the left of the screen. Press a button [Examine] to look for the image in your computer. Select the image to add (you can change the name of the image from here with right click of the mouse and selecting to Change name). Repeat the same procedure with the other pictures. Press the button [Send Image].
  • The thumb images will be created automatically.